Around Hanoi in 30 dishes #7: Bánh Gói

Not an English motorway station in sight.

A quick one this.

In a bit of a rush between a 12-hour-day and drinks I stopped off to grab a few quick bites at the side of the road on my main street of Đội Cấn. I had driven by this stall several times on the way to work and thought the same thing every time. They look like Cornish Pasties, an English hand-held snack of meat and potatoes in a pastry thick enough to withstand accidental blows whilst stuck in a harsh English coal mine.

Called ‘pillow cake’ in Vietnamese, these pastries were made from a thinner dough akin to an Indian samosa. Maybe the Vietnamese mines had better conditions in those days. Either way I appreciated the lightness of the pastry with this much oil involved. It was filled with pork and glass noodles and probably other things but they were long gone before I had the chance to inspect the contents my mouth. Comes served with the mint and the lettuce and the spicy dipping sauce and your own saliva.

Where: Close to the corner of Đội Cấn and Liễu Giai.

How much: 6,000 VND each.


4 responses to “Around Hanoi in 30 dishes #7: Bánh Gói

  1. Actually, it’s “Bánh Gối”, not “Bánh Gói” 😛

  2. Hi!
    I’m new to Hanoi and have really enjoyed reading your posts on your food journey here in Hanoi! I’d love to grab some food with you if you’re open to it. I am Singaporean but have been living in the US for awhile now.

  3. Hi. Just found you blog some weeks ago, and today I went to follow some of your tracks. Not sure I found your Banh Goi place but I found one somewhat closer to the centre on Doi Can. This one was only a cart on the pavement, the guy had two small tables and five chairs in total. 5000 VND per Goi. Maybe yours is more suitable if I want to bring a friend on a culinary excursion. Which side of the street is it etc?

    As for the food the Bahn Goi was delicious, I agree that the thin pastry really made the oil to stand back for the noodles and meat. I believe I found some mushroom in mine as well. My guy didn’t have any mint or lettuce, only the nuoc cham (?) sauce (hance the cheaper price maybe…).

    Anyway, as an expat to be in Hanoi for maybe yet another year I am very much looking forward to read more of your posts. Keep it up!


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